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A Compass of Compassion
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As each day passes Lynn Kiefer, the NorthStar Coordinator, takes out her guiding star and aims to create compassion for the 165+ children and youth across the county. In putting a program together, there is thoughtful consideration for each age and each needs of the individual kid. Some might prefer support groups, or art therapy. Some might thrive with the events as they make memories with their family and others may read quietly a book provided by NorthStar. No matter what, no child or youth walks without the guiding hand of staff. Parents too are considered, as they know their own child so well. Tools and support, listening ears and resources that can lead to important conversations.

None of this can happen with the support of gifts to the program. Grants are written, wish lists are fulfilled and in-kind services or products are regularly brought to the offices. Within the Foundation, Lynn can request funds for the items she needs or looks to us to find gifted meals, snacks or tickets for use by the program. It doesn’t take long to realize that feeding a kid some pizza and working with them and others can build trust and relationship as kids struggle with grief. The most endearing part of the program is the fact that any kid in Brevard County can access this program. You do not need to be associated with St. Francis, you just need to be a kids who has lost a loved one. And there is always room for one more. Special thank you to Geraldine L. Cabic Charitable Fund at the Community Foundation for Brevard, Titusville Pilot Club, The Home Depot, the Space Coast Health Foundation Dale Behavioral Health Grant and Space Coast Realtors Association for partnering with the NorthStar Program to change the lives of families in Brevard County.

 Reflections of Life Articles: Fall 2022

Certifiable Compassion and Commitment

Every Veteran deserves a hero’s journey in end of life. St. Francis Reflection in pursuit of excellence has for the third year in a row, been certified with the Level V designation of the We Honor Veterans Program. 7% of the US population are Veterans 7.6% population of Florida are Veterans (third Highest behind California …

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NorthStar’s Shining Lights Interns and Outcomes

This year we have the opportunity to host three wonderful interns within the NorthStar Program. As students are progressing in their education this is one of the great ways to put theory into practice. NorthStar Coordinator Lynn Kiefer and the kids are the benefactors of these interns. They work with the children and youth within …

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You Make the Magic Happen

During the month of September the St. Francis Foundation reminded each staff member that they hold a wand of goodness and love. Each year we celebrate the commitment staff have in service to patients and families and honor them for their gifts over the year. Our staff members know first-hand some of the very needs …

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Holiday Tips

If you find yourself grieving the death of someone close to you, the thought of the holiday can be very overwhelming but there are things you can do to prepare. Be honest with how you are feeling to people close to you. If you agree to plans allow yourself the ability to not go of …

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Reflections of Love 2022

You are invited to join us for a beautiful free community memorial celebration and tree lighting in honor of those whose memory we will always cherish. November 17, 2022 at 6 pm Cocoa Riverfront Park, 401 Riveredge Blvd., Cocoa, Florida. For more information visit: or text: ROL2022 to 41444.

Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

St. Francis Reflections works diligently to care for patients and seeks to provide the safety and quality each person deserves. Our most recent unannounced surveys by CHAP in two St. Francis Reflections sites were unscheduled visits.  The outcome of both survey visits were no citations or findings. The average number of citations from CHAP nationally …

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Bonded with Love

Gifts come in many forms to foundations. Just recently St. Francis received some lovely savings bonds from a donor’s estate. This donor had been thoughtful in putting aside monthly through savings bonds over the years. It reminds me of having a piggy bank when I was a kid and putting money aside and then every once in a while taking it out and counting what was the grand total.
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