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Winter 2023 - Affirming Love
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There are those who find it difficult to discuss the purposes of hospice. For us, hospice is our every day. We consider it affirming to be a part of those last months and days. We know much can happen to create wonderful moments and to help people with personal wishes, closure, and putting their houses in order. We also know that the people who love them are also in need of our support, both during the time of hospice care and after the patient has passed. Grief comes in waves and in many forms. We are there for those moments and want to help each person navigate this grief well. In particular, our NorthStar program comes alongside children and works to create new memories and provide a space for them to express their grief.

Many people are unfamiliar with palliative care. At St. Francis Reflections, our palliative care program enables us to come to the aid of people before they are eligible for hospice care. This may be a period of time when illnesses are creating more and more difficulty managing daily tasks. It may be that they are continuing a treatment protocol for cancer but need some additional care. Regardless of the need, our teams create opportunities for patients to navigate their health challenges and manage their limitations. St. Francis Reflections believes that when we can work with individuals to enhance their lives, whether on hospice or palliative care, we are giving them the best chances to maintain and enjoy the lives they are living.

We have all had periods in our lives when we have needed to have someone help us. A broken arm or leg is a perfect example of finding modifications to our life and seeking help of others while in recovery. Examples of this include learning different ways to tie shoes, button buttons, or climb stairs. St. Francis encourages these conversations early so that when a decision for hospice or palliative care is needed it is a comfortable conversation. Life is to be lived – St Francis will help to make that happen.

 Reflections of Life Articles: Summer 2023

DASH to Celebrate Veterans Day 2023

What could be better than enjoying sunshine and fresh air with your family and friends in a beautiful park while honoring local Veterans? At 7:30 am on November 11, 2023, The DASH in Life 5K will kick-off a full day of Veterans Day activities at Brevard Veterans Memorial Park. This idyllic course is flat, scenic, …

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Life Changing Gift of Dignity

Meet Brodie and Beau, brothers who both live with a disease that deteriorates their muscles to the point that they are unable to hold themselves up in a chair. Although their minds are active and their attitudes are bright, they are physically challenged and unable vocalize their needs. Their devoted mother, Melanie Armistead, relies heavily …

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Serving Brevard for 45 years

What began as a dream of helping neighbors almost fifty years ago is turning 45 this year. Emilie Sasko was a nurse, volunteer, mother of 12 and a dreamer. She had a dream that she was being called to create a hospice, and supported by her deep faith, family and friends, founded the second hospice …

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When Angels Get Their WINGS

Wonderful. Inspiring. Notable. Gracious. Service. These words are frequently used to describe our staff at St. Francis Reflections Lifestage Care. We treasure these words in our hearts. Another phrase that we often hear from patients and families is, “You are our Angels.” “You are our Angels” inspired the WINGS Recognition Program. WINGS was created to …

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Memorial Day to Remember

By: Chandler Langevin, Veteran Services Coordinator Memorial Day is a very sacred time for staff and volunteers at St. Francis Reflections. As part of our ongoing commitment to Veterans, we traveled throughout Brevard County to render honors to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Here are some of my highlights from the …

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We LOVE our Volunteers

Our volunteers are a diverse array of caring individuals including working professionals, retirees, stay-at-home parents, students, and people who are exploring new careers and building new skill sets. Those who are interested in volunteering must be dependable, friendly and compassionate. It is not necessary to have medical or hospice experience. Each volunteer is asked to …

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The Staircase

Michael Brian Horton May 30, 2016 Last night I had myself a dreamI still can see it nowA staircase stood before meSpiraling up into the cloudsIts wood was worn and weatheredBut had stood the tests of timeAnd I came upon a young man thereAs I began to climbHis uniform colonialHis tri cornered hat pulled downHe …

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