Brittany Forsberg, Heart of Hospice Honoree

It is an honor and privilege to introduce Heart of Hospice honoree, Brittany Forsberg.

For four years, Brittany has worked at St. Francis Reflections as an RN case manager.  She is currently the RNCM for our dedicated Pediatric hospice team, the Sandpipers.  Before joining the Sandpipers, during her time on the Lighthouse Team, she exemplified being a steward in the community by building relationships with her patients and local nursing homes.  She was known for upholding the values and living the mission, but after she became a member of the Sandpiper Team, her teammates were in awe of how her “star shined brightly.” She is brilliant, kind and her gentle caring spirit comforts everyone.  When we put out a call for St. Francis Reflections staff interested in pediatrics, Brittany was one of the very first to step forward and volunteer to help.  She became the RNCM for our first Sandpiper patient, Mightie.  For those of you who don’t know, Brittany walked Mightie’s journey alongside his mother and sister and became their most trusted caregiver, privileged with navigating the last days and hours of his life. 

Brittany exemplifies our mission statement in everything she does, with every patient, every day.  She has taken on some of the most medically delicate and fragile children in our community and has never waivered in her dedicated care and compassion.  One person commented that “working alongside her is something to marvel at,” and I share that sentiment.  She is detailed, present, timely, and precise.  She has a way of making everyone in the room feel comfortable and heard- whether they are two years old or forty years old.  Parents trust their children’s care to her.  Brittany’s heart and compassion shine through.  When she is at the bedside, you know that she is there to provide excellent care for that child and family. 

Those on her team, including myself, feel very fortunate to work with her.  She is supportive and inclusive of all disciplines and is a great communicator regarding keeping everyone “in the loop” with ever-changing situations.  Brittany is always a team player and goes the extra mile for all of her patients.  For example, she went after hours to start IV medication for a little boy on hospice, so he could remain at home with his family while getting the care he needed.  Her efforts kept him out of the hospital, giving his parents peace of mind and giving him autonomy and comfort.  She celebrates milestones such as the first days of school and birthdays, and has become a trusted lifeline for Brevard families facing tragic circumstances.

Pediatric hospice is not easy work.  It’s not for everyone, but it exemplifies a distilled version of our values as hospice workers.  Brittany walks into unspeakably horrible situations every day and can bring light, love, and support to children and their families.  Brittany handles tremendous stress and pressure and is steadfast and unwavering in her strength, courage, perseverance, and bravery.  She models the mission of St. Francis Reflections, and all patients under Brittany’s care are blessed by her care.  She is a true hospice hero. 

Today is extra special as today we also get to celebrate her birthday! Happy Birthday Brittany!

Please join us in congratulating Brittany Forsberg, 2022 Heart of Hospice Recipient.