Gina Crane, Heart of Hospice Honoree

It is an honor and privilege to introduce Heart of Hospice honoree, Gina Crane.

Gina has worked at St Francis Reflections for almost three years, and in that time, she has spent every day living our mission through our core values.  She is always uplifting and encourages everyone around her.  Gina advocates for her patients and teammates, never hesitating to go above and beyond the call of duty.  She began her journey here as the Clinical Manager of the Manatee Team.  Gina excelled in her role as a manager,  leading her team through a pandemic and navigating every twist and turn with calm dedication and compassion.  

Gina currently serves as the clinical manager for our newest, hospital-based IPU at Melbourne Regional Medical Center, “The Harbor,” and the clinical manager for Brevard County’s only dedicated Pediatric Palliative Care service, “The Sandpipers.”   Gina has actively participated in the development and infrastructure for The Harbor and has become a trusted leader and partner for Melbourne Regional Hospital.  While building The Harbor, Gina stepped into the role of clinical manager for The Sandpipers.  People often remark that hospice “must be hard,”  and it is true – hospice can be backbreaking work.  Only a few are called to do what we do as hospice workers.  Only a subset of the hospice field steps forward to care for children at the end of life.  Gina is one of those unsung heroes, selfishly caring for the most vulnerable patients – children.  She makes sure that no family in Brevard has to face the death of a beloved child alone.  She bravely goes where no one else is strong enough to go and walks unspeakably challenging journeys in lock-step with parents and caregivers.  She is described as “masterful” in connecting with staff, consistently modeling positive team and work cultures.  She is authentic, sincere, and committed to serving her staff, patients, and families.   She leads with love in everything that she does, and it shows. 

Gina works skillfully with all disciplines and is gifted with the ability to see and respect the person while helping them see the potential of greatness in themselves.  She always takes time to listen and will leave you feeling better after speaking with her.  She is a humble servant leader, respected and appreciated by her team.  One person described her as an anchor, providing stability and an endless resource of knowledge.   

Gina honors the SFR mission by serving with grace, perseverance, and confidence.  She devotes her time and talents to help her patients, teammates, and community.  Gina is always willing to volunteer, sharing her time to participate in the Reflection of Love services and the various North Star events, giving interviews, and participating in speaking events to educate the community about pediatric services.  Gina goes above and beyond in everything she does; she is a true hospice hero.

Gina is extremely humble and always shines a spotlight on someone else.  When she was informed of this award, Gina said that she felt others were more deserving as “she is just doing her job.” To know Gina is to love Gina.  She is a fantastic nurse, an incredible manager with a caring hospice heart.  There are no words to describe the extraordinary and giving person she is – she is a once-in-a-lifetime person, and we are so fortunate to have her on our team at St. Francis Reflections.

Please join us in congratulating Gina Crane, 2022 Heart of Hospice Recipient.