Robyn Whitmore, Heart of Hospice Honoree

It is an honor and privilege to introduce Heart of Hospice honoree, Robyn Whitmore.

Robyn has been with St. Francis Reflections for over 27 years and in that time, has affected the lives of countless patients and families but also our staff. She has seen the endless growth the company has experienced over those years but throughout it all, Robyn has remained steadfast in her commitment, dedication and stewardship. She has worked in many of the departments throughout the company, but regardless of her role, she has always shown her knowledge, adaptability and accountability.

Robyn sets a high bar in patient care, displaying compassion and care in every home she enters. She has a wealth of knowledge with hospice services and is a great advocate in her understanding of all the resources available to every person she meets. She is detailed and collaborative with making sure there is clear communication in all she does.

Robyn actually retired a couple of years ago, but she continues to work as needed, and she is needed a lot! In addition to her hospice work, she also works with our Palliative Care Program, the Bereavement Team as well as in North Star, our Children’s Grief Program. Regardless of the department she is working with, you can be sure she is approaching it with a high standard of excellence and quality.

In addition to all she does, she is also the first to volunteer her time. She has become an important part in all of the North Star programs that provide support to grieving children. Regardless if it is a visit to the zoo, the summer carnival, the holiday party, or a parent’s group meeting, Robyn is there for all of them!

Robyn exemplifies everything hospice is while living the values of St. Francis Reflection. Throughout her many years with us, Robyn has never wavered in her commitment and dedication to hospice, our core values and all that St. Francis Reflections represents. Robyn truly embodies a hospice heart!

Please join us in congratulating Robyn Whitmore, 2022 Heart of Hospice Recipient.