Bonded with Love

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By Shawn Bassham

Gifts come in many forms to foundations. Just recently St. Francis received some lovely savings bonds from a donor’s estate. This donor had been thoughtful in putting aside monthly through savings bonds over the years. It reminds me of having a piggy bank when I was a kid and putting money aside, and then every once in a while taking it out and counting to discover the grand total. 

Savings Bonds have been used for many as a way to celebrate births, graduations and marriages. In a way, this wonderful woman is bringing those celebrations to life through these bonds. As each patient determines what matters most, as each family navigates the sunset road these bonds will hold them now and in the future. These are the ties that bind. Bonded with Love is a perfect reflection of this gift. She is hugging these patients and their families. We are grateful to be her arms.