Butterflies and Fairy Lights

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After several days of pouring rain, the NorthStar team became concerned. “Would rain ruin the Butterfly Memorial for the NorthStar kids?” they wondered.

Over 70 butterflies had arrived and were kept cool to prepare them for flight, but there seemed no end to the bad weather. Then, as if a switch had been flipped, Saturday morning arrived – cool and lovely with patches of clouds in the sky. Families showed up, ate donuts, drank coffee and juice while they made memory jars. Each precious jar held a loved one’s picture. Fairy lights glowed as the children lovingly placed the finishing touches on their jars.

Loss is something we all experience. Some losses are small – like losing a toy. However, some are monumental – like losing a loved one. NorthStar provides opportunities for families and kids to learn to move forward in difficult times. It was inspiring to see each family working together to build a new memory while honoring their loved ones who they wished deep in their hearts could be there.

The Butterfly Memorial symbolizes that we can continue in our love for those who have passed, and we can enjoy the beautiful new life ahead. As we stood inside the

Butterfly Garden at Rockledge Gardens, we held in our hands that beautiful new life, bursting forward and coloring the sky.

NorthStar is here for both sunny and cloudy days. We understand that each family will grieve over time. We want to be there to capture each of these days and moments, reminding those who grieve that sometimes a butterfly appears.