Calling All Hearts

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What does it take to make a day better and brighter for those we serve? Our volunteers look for those opportunities. Sometimes it is a phone call, a personal visit or a hand written note of encouragement. Sometimes it is bringing lovely therapy pets to those who need a little snuggle and love. Sometimes it is a hand-made quilt, a helping hand or an upper-hand on the work in the office. As many volunteers know there is a job for everyone to make a difference. During the pandemic our volunteers rallied to each change we had hitting us. But also during the pandemic our volunteers had life changes such that they stepped away from volunteering so – we are seeking to orient new volunteers as life gets back to a new normal. Here are four areas of greatest need:

Our Companionship Volunteers bring warmth and comfort to patients and peace of minds to their families. This caring support happens through conversations, playing games, going on walks, and so much more! Each person you care for has an amazing history and interests that volunteers have the opportunity to explore and encourage. Does that sound like you?

Caring for a loved one in end of life can be exhausting. Caregiver Relief Volunteers truly step in so the Caregiver can step out and away. Life doesn’t slow down when you are a caregiver. It speeds up and many of the things you would normally do just don’t get done. It is truly a gift when they know their loved one is being cared for while they take care of business or just take care of themselves. Would you be that relief for someone?

25% of our patients are Veterans. In working to honor them in end of life we provide special ceremonies that highlight their service and are recognized by their family of veterans. These pinning ceremonies sometimes happens at the bedside but also is a community endeavor to honor all those who live in Brevard County who served in the military. If you are a Veteran would you join us?

There are those who say music is medicine for the soul.  In that mindset we are looking for those who would share their talents with our patients and their families. A guitar strummed, a piano played or a tune voiced can ease the minds and hearts of those who can hear it. Would you come play with us and bring some soft and joyful sounds to our patients?

St. Francis Reflections began as a volunteer organization caring for patients at end of life. We have expanded our programs in the past 45 years, and all along our volunteers a have been vital to the services we provide. Volunteer opportunities include patient visits, pet therapy, office assistance, Veteran support and so much more. Our volunteers get to do meaningful work helping to uplift the lives of our patients and community every day. If you have a heart to give back and make a difference, please contact our Volunteer Services Team to learn about the opportunities to make a difference with St. Francis Reflections at 321-269-4240 or