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Over the last several months St. Francis Reflections has opened our second inpatient care center and provided sneak peeks of another in Brevard County. Our very first care center was built on gifted land from Edward M. Poe, who knew how important an inpatient care center would be to his hometown of Titusville. In 2015, that dream became a reality with the Edward M. Poe Care Center.

Now, St. Francis Reflections has two additional inpatient care center locations to serve the residents of Brevard – one on Merritt Island at Courtenay Springs Village and one located inside the Melbourne Regional Medical Center. We are grateful for these partnerships so that we can provide inpatient care when needed. Community Leaders were invited in March to a sneak peek walk through of the new space located on the second at the Melbourne Regional Medical Center.

St. Francis Reflections has multiple teams geographically assigned to care for patients throughout the 72 miles of our county. We hope this news will bring an added relief for our families in the south part of the county and the Islands, that there is an inpatient care center close by for their loved ones. We all know what it is like to travel the length of the county for our work and recreation. Depending on traffic and time of day it can be long, frustrating and time consuming. We know it matters to have your loved one close by, and with the addition of the two care centers, they will be nearby. As we continue to serve the communities within Brevard, we will also be looking into what else we might do to ease the burdens along the end of life road. You are the Center of our concern.