Cody is Part of the Pack

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Cody was part of our Pet Pledge Program, which helps our patients who are in the sunset of their lives. Cody was the apple of his Mom’s eye. She was concerned about what would happened to him after she went into her final chapter of life. She did not have a family member who would be able to care for Cody once she was no longer able. Cody became part of our Pet Pledge Program that was established for this kind of situation.

Our Pets in the Park event was held on May 1, 2022 at Cocoa Village River Front Park. We featured a photo of Cody as a pet that needed a new forever home. The picture of Cody displayed him proudly sitting on his doggie bed a smidge chunky.

Marguerite “Cookie” is a staff member at Pet Pros, one of the sponsors for Pets in the Park. She saw those big brown eyes and knew that she had a home for him. Cookie already had 5 dogs but knew that Cody would fit right into the pack. Cody is an older dog at the age of 16 and only has 8 teeth but that didn’t stop Cookie from falling in love with him.

Cody’s new mom, a wonderful basket of goodies from St. Francis Reflections for his new home and away he went. Cody loves his new pack and has his own bed. His new Mom says he doesn’t care much for treats but loves shredded chicken on top of his food. He even gets along with the cat. Cookie was able to talk to the son of Cody’s other Mom and let him know that Cody is doing great and is much loved. Cookie says, “It was all meant to be that I work for Pet Pros and they had a table at the event, and I was there when Cody was the featured pet. The stars just aligned”