Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP)

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St. Francis Reflections works diligently to care for patients and seeks to provide the safety and quality each person deserves. Our most recent unannounced surveys by CHAP in two St. Francis Reflections sites were unscheduled visits.  The outcome of both survey visits were no citations or findings. The average number of citations from CHAP nationally is 10 per visit. Having no citations is truly a reason to celebrate.

Compassion Care starts with making sure we are addressing the compliance, safety and risk concerns. Each team member is trained to know the procedures and requirements in service to our patients. We consider it a badge of honor when CHAP arrives and we prove out our compassion care with an outcome of no citations.

We are extremely proud of having no findings or citations at our new Melbourne Regional Medical Center In Patient Unit because this is a collaborative effort with the hospital. This is no small feat from two entirely different organizations.

People trust the end of life care for their loved ones to St. Francis Reflections Hospice. We know that our partnership with CHAP will keep us improving every year. We ensure that our care is the most compassionate, competent and credible with each passing day. We are proud of our team at St. Francis for all they do to provide the safety and quality everyone deserves.