E is for Empathy

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There are three Es in the history of St. Francis Reflections that spells Empathy. It began in 1977 when Emilie Sasko saw that her neighbors in end of life where walking that road alone. As an RN with great Empathy she stepped forward when most of the country was not doing anything like this in their communities. Volunteers around Titusville began providing a sacred service that bridge the gap in healthcare. For most of us today we think that hospice was the ultimate next step for a patient and their family. But it 1977 it was the exception not the rule. Over the years the address for care grew as did St. Francis Reflections.

Fast forward and a dream of providing a Care Center arose for the citizens of Brevard County. The hero of that moment was none other than Edward Poe a long time resident of Titusville. Gifting land to build what would become the first of three Care Centers around the community came to life in 2015. This gift from Ed showed great Empathy towards his fellow neighbors. He knew that at times the family and the patients needed extra care. He wanted to provide that place of rest.

The last of the E for Empathy is Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Our namesake for a giving circle she brought to the forefront a taboo subject – death and dying. Through her address people became aware of how we step through those stages in the dying process and what we do as we transition. It was life altering to begin that conversation and to highlight how others who love them might help during this period before death. St. Francis Reflections continues her legacy of partnering with patients and families as these steps and moments occur. E is for Empathy and if we could in just small ways take the road in end of life and light up that darkness we would honor all three of these thoughtful souls.   Emilie, Ed and Elisabeth charted a path through their view of serving others. St. Francis Staff and Volunteers follow in their footsteps. It is what any good neighbor would do. If you would like to volunteer or provide a gift that support your neighbor in hospice care please signup on the form that follows: