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By: Kristie Henry-Roling

Engagement of others is an art with love for good measure. In the past my desire has been to encourage others and help them to reach their potential. At times of struggle I worked to be of help. It has been, and continues to be my passion. When St. Francis Reflections determined to create a role of Employee Engagement Manager I felt like Cinderella and the glass slipper- it was a perfect fit. Every day I am called upon to bring encouragement. As I grow in the job I see new ways to bring others what they need. An email of self-care, a note of support, a celebration of years in service to our mission and patients. Every day is different but what does not change is my commitment to each St. Francis employee. As they serve patients and families I serve them in the hopes that they will value themselves, value each other and work to bring the mission of life love and compassion to light. Engagement is personal, profound and it is done with purpose. I have found mine.