Holiday, Hope, and Happy Moments

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For the first time in several years, the staff at St. Francis Reflections was able to get together for some holiday fun, enjoying great food and white elephant gifts. A time to visit, laugh and thanks to Tammy Rolfe try their hand at fused glass. Senior leadership was on hand and they brought some of their favorite goodies to share with the staff. CEO Joe Killian was the cookie taster to find the winner of the best cookies. He certainly would like to put that in his job description moving forward.

Throughout the year, the St. Francis family steps into the lives of the families we care for, providing critical comfort, care, and guidance. Since we do not take a break during the holidays, the opportunity to honor the hard work of everyone at St. Francis is especially important. This event is just one of the many ways we hope to encourage the family of St. Francis. They are a gift to us every day the year.