Legacy and Life

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Sometimes it comes as an overwhelming surprise, a letter arrives at the office addressed to St. Francis Reflections Foundation which shares with us that a lovely individual who has passed away wanted to remember us. When this happens it truly makes each person reflect on how this remembrance came to be. In looking back on our relationship with the donor we may see patterns of giving. Maybe they made a regular annual gift, or they may have sporadically supported particular programs they loved. It may even have record of them telling someone in the past that they were leaving a legacy for the organization, but one thing is certain – they were a part of the St Francis Family while they were alive and will continue to be long into the future.

When someone treats St. Francis Reflections like a part of their family and leaves a part of their life’s work for us to continue the mission, it is humbling. We take seriously the use and commitment of those dollars. True philanthropy and benevolence is sharing what you have to care for people you will never meet. As we look to the future we know that more individuals will honor St. Francis with these Legacy gifts, and when they do find their way to us we will endeavor to fulfill the Legacy of bringing life and love to each of the patients we serve. That is a Legacy of Life.