Tiles & Grief

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We have many rituals in life, special days of celebration, ways to honor our history, our lives and our deaths. If you travel to our Poe Care Center in Titusville, you will see a collection of tiles with a reflection bench, shaded by a great tree. Each tile is personalized and memorializes a loved one. This is a special place to visit to mourn or celebrate that special person.

If you have a chance, take the opportunity to sit on the bench in the shade of that great tree and admire those that have been memorialized on the wall. What began with one tile has grown in ways no one could have imagined but it affords people a ritual to help their grief through personalized tiles but also a place to go and remember their loved one in a very meaningful way. To learn more about how you can have a personalized tile created for your loved visit Reflectionslsc.org/memorial-wall.