Welcoming Warriors Home

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Our commitments in life comes with purpose. At St. Francis Reflections, through our We Honor Veterans program we are deliberate in our yearly welcome home to our Vietnam Veterans. This commitment is to rectify and restore that which did not happen when our individual heroes returned home. During that politically charged time, Veterans suffered emotional and physical wounds on the battlefield, and then suffered rejection when they returned home.

Our Welcome Home Celebration will be held later in the spring. If you are a Vietnam Veteran or family of a Veteran who served during that time we encourage you to attend one of the many celebrations throughout the county. For more information please contact us at foundation@reflectionslsc.org or call Lynn Kiefer, Veterans Coordinator at 321-522-8215.

You may wonder how to honor and thank a Vietnam Veteran. Please let them know you are grateful for their service and include the words, “I would like to welcome you home.” Every Vietnam Era Veteran will know what you mean when you speak those words. If they start to talk about the painful past, compassionately listen. We hope that this deliberate action of caring and saying what should have been said a long time ago will help the healing process. Although we will not be able to heal every wound (seen or unseen), kindness eases the pain.