Why Yellow Ribbons Matter

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Everyone deserves a welcome home. A sign held up at the airport with greetings of love, a long hug that squeezes your breath away and cheering crowds with sentimental tears. If you have been on the receiving end or if you were one of those who welcomed someone home you know exactly what this means. Sadly for some of our military heroes that did not happen. The conflict they were returning from was not embraced and so neither were they. Fast forward to 2022 and the We Honor Veterans program at St. Francis Reflections is going to help remedy that oversight.

March 29th will be counted as a day where those who serve in Vietnam will have their Yellow Ribbon moment. Across Brevard County each person will be invited to a special event that is all about bringing to them the honor they deserve and the welcome home that rivals every airport scene and every victory parade. There will also be a special service honoring women in the military, and the work they did to keep our nation safe and free.

These welcome home events have been done in other communities around the US and it is time that Brevard resident get a chance to honor those who stood and fought in difficult times.

Women of the Vietnam Era will be honored at the Veterans Memorial Center on February 6th at 1 PM. During the week of March 28th Christine Tate will be attending to Vietnam Veterans all around Brevard County. If you or your community/facility/neighborhood have Veterans of the Vietnam Era you would like to have them recognized please contact Christine Tate at 321-480-8163 or ctate@reflectionslsc.org