Wrapped With Love

We love quilters and appreciate the hours of time, creativity, and love they sew into the blankets, adult clothing protectors, and pillows that they donate to comfort our patients. Recently, when we learned that a quilting group was running out of material, we communicated the need for donations through social media and our network within the community. It turns out that one of our patients who recently passed loved to sew. She had left behind many boxes of material. When her family learned about our need, they immediately knew that donating the material to St. Francis Reflections would be a beautiful way to honor their loved one.

The items that will be made from that material will be a gift of warmth, comfort, and encouragement from one hospice patient to another like a compassionate hug from one who has completed her journey.

Thank you to everyone who responded to this need and all of our amazing quilters and crafters. We are forever grateful for your kindness.