You Make the Magic Happen

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During the month of September the St. Francis Foundation reminded each staff member that they hold a wand of goodness and love. Each year we celebrate the commitment staff have in service to patients and families and honor them for their gifts over the year. Our staff members know first-hand some of the very needs of patients. In knowing this, they not only provide wonderful care but they also provide some of the treasure to care for those they serve.

It might be through the Te-Kisha Legacy Fund that they help put groceries on the table, provide clothing or shoes, or sometimes pay the bill so that the electricity stays on. It might be NorthStar and a cool basket of goodies to be a prize at an event that helps kids navigate loss of a loved one. Pet Pledge holds the hearts of some of our staff and they help to place pets of our patients with a new family to ease the worry of the patient. There are many more way that staff help patients and during September we reminded them that They Make the Magic Happen.

They wave their wands with their hearts and abracadabra – LOVE.