Visitation Policy

Visitation Policy #1137

  • Federal Regulation(s)/Standards: 418.110(e)
  • State Regulation(s): FL 58A-2.005(3); FL
  • 408.823 2022 SB 988; ss. 400.022(1)(b) and
  • Effective Date:  August 2016
  • Revision Date(s): April 10, 2022

PURPOSE: To meet the visiting needs of patients/families while in the Inpatient Unit (IPU).

POLICY: Hospice embraces the philosophy of being able to be with your loved one when it matters most.  The IPU does not restrict visitors at any time unless requested by the patient or ordered by the physician.


  1. The hospice provides space for private patient and family visitation; at the time of death; and accommodations for family members to remain with the patient throughout the night as appropriate.
  2. The hospice provides the opportunity for patients to receive visitors at any hour (24 hours a day, seven days a week), including infants, small children, and pets.
  3. Children are to be supervised by a family member at all times.
  4. Pets entering in the hospice IPU shall be managed on a leash, be well behaved, have all vaccinations and shall comply with IPU specific pet polices and requirements.
  5. Staff access to care for the patient is not to be restricted by visitors.
  6. Visitors exhibiting inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave and may not be allowed to visit in the future.
  7. Visitors exhibiting active disease symptoms or who have tested positive for active communicable disease may be asked to visit at a time when they are no longer ill. Protective equipment (PPE) may be required to be worn by visitors for infection control management.  Required PPE will be provided by the Hospice to visitors at no cost, as needed.
  8. The patient or their legal representative shall have the option to designate a visitor who is a family member, friend, guardian, or other individual as an essential caregiver. The essential caregiver shall be allowed open visitation as stated above.
  9. The hospice shall publicly post this visitation policy on the website home page of their website.
  10. Patients or visitors may file a complaint with the Agency for further review and action if they feel that their visitation rights have been violated.  A complaint may be submitted to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) by telephone at 888-775-6055 or online at: