Affirming Life

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There are those who find it difficult to discuss the purposes of hospice. For us, hospice is our every day. We consider it affirming to be a part of those last months and days. We know much can happen to create wonderful moments and to help people with personal wishes, closure, and putting their houses in order. We also know that the people who love them are also in need of our support, both during the time of hospice care and after the patient has passed. Grief comes in waves and in many forms. We are there for those moments and want to help each person navigate this grief well. In particular, our NorthStar program comes alongside children and works to create new memories and provide a space for them to express their grief.

Many people are unfamiliar with palliative care. At St. Francis Reflections, our palliative care program enables us to come to the aid of people before they are eligible for hospice care. This may be a period of time when illnesses are creating more and more difficulty managing daily tasks. It may be that they are continuing a treatment protocol for cancer but need some additional care. Regardless of the need, our teams create opportunities for patients to navigate their health challenges and manage their limitations. St. Francis Reflections believes that when we can work with individuals to enhance their lives, whether on hospice or palliative care, we are giving them the best chances to maintain and enjoy the lives they are living.

We have all had periods in our lives when we have needed to have someone help us. A broken arm or leg is a perfect example of finding modifications to our life and seeking help of others while in recovery. Examples of this include learning different ways to tie shoes, button buttons, or climb stairs. St. Francis encourages these conversations early so that when a decision for hospice or palliative care is needed it is a comfortable conversation. Life is to be lived – St Francis will help to make that happen.